Starting a Design publication. Sign up!

Why I've decided to start a monthly publication.

Everyone now lives busy lives and our online time is usually spent doing research, reading news or catching up on the different social media platforms. Websites that aren't frequently updated don't really get a chance to build a decent following. And honestly, it takes me quite a while to write.

That's why I've decided to create a monthly email publication. My goal is to have a means of speaking to you directly, sharing not only updates on new articles, but also all sorts of things Design related.

What do you get.

As a subscriber you can expect once a month:

  • News on Design related topics such as Design systems or brand strategy.

  • Information on the latest books I've read or other reading recommendations.

  • At least one featured design project.

  • Interesting video or audio material, such as interesting podcast episodes.

  • Update on new articles on the website Ideas on Design.

  • No spam and no advertisement.

If you're interested, it would really mean a lot if you could → sign up.

In the meantime, tell your friends!