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In the past, I’ve used different platforms to publish my articles, but I’ve now decided to concentrate my efforts on my own website. There, I’m trying to build a content rich platform for Designers and Branding professionals. I’ve got interviews in the making, I’m planning a Podcast, book recommendations, as well as other relevant resources.

However, I know all of you have busy lives, and our time online is usually dedicated to things other than reading blogs. This is why I’m starting this monthly email publication. My goal is to have a means of speaking to you directly, delivering not only updates on new articles, but also a curated collection of interesting things (I hope) that are Design related.

This month I’m sharing with you: an award winning design project, a "business thriller" set on agile brand building principles, information on the design system from the biggest music platform, and more.

Hope you enjoy.

On Design Systems

Spotify Design

This month Spotify announced a redesign of their Spotify Design website/blog. I’m always interested in knowing more about how teams from different companies work, and such design blogs offer a very interesting glimpse into the internal processes and approaches.

It really doesn't disappoint. Spotify Design is packed with insightful articles and internal views. If you're into design systems, I can highly recommend the article about re-imagining their overarching design system, and also the one about how Spotify designers organize their work in Figma to improve collaboration.

Book recommendation

Scramble — by Marty Neumeier

In his latest book, Marty Neumeier uses a fictional story to show how design thinking and agile strategy can be used to turn businesses around. I was slightly skeptical at the start. I don't usually read fiction, but since I really enjoyed his previous books I decided to give it a go. I couldn't be more wrong. The "business thriller" format does an amazing job of not only explaining these methodologies but also putting them in context. Scramble is definitely one of the best books I have read lately.

Project spotlight

Sparebanken-møre — by Scandinavian Design Group

Scandinavian Design Group recently won a Bronze award at the European Design Awards in the category “Digital Identity Applications” with their work for Sparebanken Møre, the largest financial house in the west region in Norway. It is a great example of a brand identity program with a strong focus on digital.

On my ears

Clearing house or clearing out? — Simplicity talks Podcast

In this episode of the Siegel+Gale podcast, four different people discuss approaches, challenges and opportunities with brand architecture. They cover topics ranging from figuring out where an acquisition sits, to making sure that a business unit is not cannibalising another.

On Creativity and How to Get Unstuck — Presentable Podcast

Creativity evangelist Denis Jacobs joins Jeff Venn to discuss the difficulties designers face in the creative process and share strategies on how to get unstuck.

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